5 years ago, a group of Vietnamese students sat together in a Stanford cafeteria to draw the logo and execution summary for a DREAM: to bring entrepreneurship spirit from Silicon Valley to Vietnamese young people. The name VIET YOUTH ENTREPRENEURS (VYE) was born from there.
5 years later, a group of young people, both Vietnamese and overseas, from HCMC, Hanoi, Singapore, and London Skyped to discuss another DREAM: to build a home for the startup community in Vietnam. This home will be the the place where innovation, dreams, ideas, friendships and hard work are nurtured. This group of young people have one common traits: they have met and friended each other from various VYE activities. And, CIRCO was born from there.
CIRCO – the HOME for entrepreneurs – will welcome the startups community from September 2016. Have ideas on how the CirCO can run the space better? Want to learn more about our special promos for early-bird members? Inbox us or sign up at and we will connect with you right away!

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