4 Surprising Benefits of A Co-working Space

Dec 20, 2018

It’s 2018. Most startups and freelancers nowadays are very familiar with the concept of co-working. You share an office with strangers in exchange for a nice place to work at a reasonable price. The idea is to cut cost and all the legwork involved in setting up an office. However, there are some other surprising benefits of a co-working space that you might be enjoying but not have noticed.

4 Surprising Benefits of A Co-working Space

It makes you feel good

Human is visual creatures, no doubt. When we surround ourselves in a beautiful environment. We feel good. And such simple things actually enhance our quality of life every day. Forget about the cubicles and ugly offices. Your well being and comfort was taken into account when they drew the blueprint. Several co-working spaces offer naturally lit and Instagram worthy space with plants and arts all around. It creates an environment that helps you relax and recharge.

Aspiration everywhere

It is tough to start a business or work at a startup. There will be times you doubt yourself and question your whole life decisions. Sometimes, things get too hard and you just want to call it to quit. That’s when you need a strong force of support. It can be your friends and family because they love you no matter what. Or it can be your peers at your co-working space. They are the ones that are going through the exact same thing as you do. And some even conquered it. They are your true inspiration to keep going and pursuing your dreams.

People thrive in a co-working space

Awesome amenities, beautiful place, fun games and 24/7 flexibility. All of this will keep you and your employees sane and productive. A study from Georgetown University and the University of Michigan reported that people who work at a shared office rated their levels of thriving at 6 on a 7 point scale, 1 point higher than people at a regular office.

Amazing network

Remember the key idea of co-working? You share an office with other businesses. This is a great source of business resources. New people aka new business opportunities are right next door and a few steps away, literally. They can be your potential clients, investors or business partners. It’s one of the amazing benefits of co-working space. Many co-working spaces also host several events and it’s free for everyone to join. Your business can grow simply by going to work or attending such events. It’s that easy.


Did you know all of these yet or are they new to you? Regardless, please make sure to take advantage of all the benefits above when you work at a co-working space. You will see that it is more than just a place to work.