Why a coworking space is perfect for your startup

Jun 28, 2018

Running a business from the bottom up requires plenty of hard work, resources, time and creativity in order to nurture a start-up into an established business empire. One of the first few questions entrepreneurs often ponder is where to run their business from. While some choose to work from home, there are plenty of business owners who have opted for a coworking space instead and rightfully so. Moving into a communal, collaborative setting can bring many benefits to your startup company – here’s why.

Common Area | CirCO Coworking Space

Improved facilities

Let’s face it, a coffee shop or your home office can present some challenges to professionalism—namely noise and non-business interruptions. Coworking spaces come with everything you need to get your work done. Power sockets, printer and high-speed Wi-Fi connections – you name it, we’ve got it. Whatever you may need to grow your business is already provided for you so you won’t have to worry. Furthermore, you’ll have more control over your work environment.


As a startup company, renting a shared office space also makes more sense financially compared to a renting an entire office block for so few employees. One of the major advantages to coworking is avoiding all the other private office space startup costs including furniture, utilities, rental cost, and appliances. In addition, coworking memberships are often just a month’s duration, with some spaces even providing the option for weekly and daily membership rents. It’s definitely the best way to own an office space without breaking the bank.

Collaboration / Networking Opportunities

Working in an office with a group of like-minded people can offer team synergy and social interaction that other options are unable to provide. These spaces are the ideal environment for networking with other entrepreneurs as they often encourage inter-community relationships. Who knows? A chat over the water cooler can quickly turn into work exchanges or budding partnerships. You might find the expertise you need maybe just a few desks away.

Beneficial Events

Coworking spaces frequently host a variety of events in partnership with tenants or external companies. These events range from networking, educational and even just a simple chillout. Not only does it expand your community, but it also serves as an outlet for you to kick back and relieve stress. You certainly can’t find such a unique opportunity elsewhere.