Flexible Desk or Dedicated Desk?

Jan 8, 2018

There are a lot of customers reaching out to CirCO to be consulted about Flexible Desk and Dedicated Desk, so what’s the difference between these two options? For freelancers, which service should be the most appropriate?
First of all, we need to understand, for freelancers, the most popular choice for them is working from home. However, this will become ineffective because, after a long time, your network in the professional industry will shrink. And the term “too comfortable” being at home can lead to low productive performance. For those who choose to work at coffee shops, you will most likely be bothered by other guests around. Therefore, renting a space at a coworking space will be a must-try experience.

What is the difference?

With #Flexible_Desk, you’ll be able to choose a seat at any corner within Common Space. For those who want to experience sharing a workplace but still need private space, #Dedicated_Desk will be a perfect choice. By using Dedicated Desk, you will have a table in a private room with other Dedicated Desk members, can be accessed 24/7. Of course, both options include other services (wifi, tea, coffee, printing, meeting room, phone booth …). After all, while working in a coworking space, you can meet other freelancers and who knows that you can be hired by one of the companies here.
In this April, CirCO offers a 30% discount to all flexible contract tenants who sign a one-year contract. You can find more details on the website https://www.circo.co/
For further inquiry, please contact CirCO by calling our Hotline (+84) 28 7108 6899.