Jan 21, 2018


#GRAND_OPENING_WEEK  With great pleasure and pride, we are announcing the grand opening of CirCO Coworking Space -Hoang Dieu 2. For months you have been hearing and now the construction has been completed, it is finally time to start using the space. We are pleased to celebrate the Grand Opening Week[…]

Còn gì tuyệt vời hơn khi bạn có một cuối tuần được nghỉ đến ba ngày? Bạn có thể đi chơi này, hẹn gặp bạn cũ hay dành thời gian cho gia đình nhiều hơn. Tuy nhiên cuối tuần có dài đến bao nhiêu thì cũng phải hết. Chúng ta[…]

Initially developed to manage the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, the Blockchain technology has since advanced to something bigger - revolutionizing the business world. Since this technology has been all the rage in recent years, here are some basics you should know about Blockchain. Defining Blockchain In summary, Blockchain is a global online[…]

The AWS Activate program is now live for CirCO Members. Sign up NOW to take advantage of free AWS Promotional Credits, training and support. How long does it take to process AWS Activate applications? Applications are processed in 7-10 days, once an application is received. Processing can take longer if[…]

Theo báo cáo nghiên cứu thị trường của Savills, tổng nguồn cung văn phòng cho thuê tăng 4% so với hồi cuối năm 2017. Tỷ lệ lấp đầy văn phòng tại TP HCM đạt mức trên 96% trong năm 2017, với giá cho thuê trung bình là 48 USD mỗi[…]

Morning is a sacred time of the day. Have you ever noticed that when your morning starts off in a frenzy, the rest of your day seems to reflect that mood of chaos as well? How you handle the first 10 minutes of your workday can easily set the tone[…]

Not many of us can say that our job is our passion. On the contrary, we often consider what we do outside of work to be more enjoyable. I’m sure we all dream of doing the thing we love full-time – but what if you really could turn your hobby[…]

As an entrepreneur or even just a working adult, we often get swamped in the workload and forget to set aside time for self-pamper. Self-pamper, however, is not just about focussing on our physical body - it’s about our mental health as well. Just like our body needs constant care,[…]

CirCO is thrilled to formally announce that we have teamed up with lifestyle subscription company, Wisepass. About Wisepass For a monthly subscription of only 6 million VND, WisePass allows its members to redeem a set lunch, a dinner, bottle service, Starbucks coffee, VIP access to special events in town and[…]

Vietnam’s co-working space operator CirCO has raised an undisclosed sum of the seed funding round from South East Asia-focused venture capital firm East Ventures, according to a statement. This investment, which will support CirCO’s expansion plans, is the first from East Ventures in Vietnam. Founded in late 2016, CirCO targets[…]

CirCO is now in Partnership with ikkai! ikkai is an online career discovery and talent matching platform. Whether you need students for small tasks or need longer-term help through internships and fresh graduates recruiting, ikkai has you covered. Throughout their studies, our students are gaining experience and skills through small[…]

Không gian làm việc là một trong những nhân tố ảnh hưởng không nhỏ đến hiệu quả công việc. Phải bố trí không gian văn phòng như thế nào để nâng cao hiệu quả công việc? Một văn phòng lý tưởng phải đảm bảo được tinh thần cho nhân viên.[…]