Dec 2

Playing Lean by Startup Drill [Ho Chi Minh City]

Sunday, December 2, 2018 - 10:00 AM at CirCO Hoang Dieu

***This workshop teaches your team the Lean Startup methodology by competing in the social, physical board game – Playing Lean.***

Playing Lean is a new board game designed in Norway to facilitate teaching and learning the concepts and mechanics of the Lean Startup. 

Playing Lean is both a serious board game and a fun workshop. Combined, it’s a great way to kickstart your learning about Lean Startup. You get to play a game, have a lot of fun and still call it as work!
After the workshop, you have an overview of the method, a handle on the most important concepts and a fully described, personalised experiment to take home and try in your organisation.

***About the game Playing Lean

In Playing Lean, four teams of up to three players battle for control of the market. Can you build a new product that the customers want, faster than your competitors?
During the game, teams will do experiments, add features to the product, build the company and win new customers. The Lean Startup approach is at the heart of the game, and every experiment will introduce new concepts and vocabulary that the game facilitator will go through.
Playing Lean creates experiential learning, the kind you do not forget easily!

Game Mechanisms:
The game is won by the team who uses their resources best. 
Throughout the game, you have to:
● Do your research on potential customers, 
● Develop a product by building and removing properties, and 
● Sell the product to ever larger customer groups. 
The winner is the first team to sell their product to the mass market. 
During the game, players feel the pressure of inadequate resources, unexpected experiment results, and how small margins can be between winning the mass market and losing it to a competitor


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