Tech Companies That Are Scoring Big at the World Cup

As the globe’s biggest and most watched sporting event, the 2018 FIFA World Cup has 3.4 billion sports fans tuned in to watch the monthlong, quadrennial tournament. While MVPs like Portugul’s Cristiano Ronaldo or Argentina’s Javier Mascherano are stealing the limelight this year, there is another MVP that shouldn’t be overlooked. And that is emerging technology. Let’s discuss 3 innovative companies that are incorporating technology into sports.


Status is a digital platform that enables users to browse, chat and make payments on the decentralised web. Recently, Status Incubate has accepted its first startup called CryptoStrikers where sports fans can buy and trade cryptocards of their favorite football stars. This crypto-collectibles platform has just launched a fresh updated set of soccer star collectibles to purchase with tokens ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Their long-term goal however, is to unlock a range of experiences, inviting the community to build games and applications on top of the CryptoStrikers platform.


Viber is a popular instant messaging platform that promises secure calls and messages. To get into the World Cup Spirit, they have announced a new in-chat leaderboard feature that lets users track their match predictions. Users who connect to a community of World Cup fans through a global leaderboard will receive points for correctly predicting outcomes. Rewards like free sticker packs and Viber Out credit can then be exchanged for these points. Not to mention, the participant who scores the most points will win the title of “The Ultimate World Football Fan,” which comes with a free trip to Barcelona.


Meet Waves, a platform’s solutions for storing, trading, managing and issuing your digital assets. In light of the sporting event, 150,000 soccer tokens were distributed to fans’ wallet free of charge. Fans can choose to use the token received to invest in their favorite team or to trade the token based on who the fan predicted would win each game. However, only the most successful team would have the most value. According to the betting odds determined before the launch, Waves will then buy back these tokens from the fans.
Clearly, the sky’s the limit for tech and sports. Experts predict that by 2022, the FIFA tournament will see new technological advances, with live streams processing via AR, tickets sales transacted using national cryptocurrencies and more. The digitization of sports is finally upon us, and the FIFA World Cup is just the start of its journey.
Source: Entrepreneur